LinuxFest Northwest 2013

Bellingham, WA April 27th & 28th

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Automating System Deployment with Deploy

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This is the first of two sessions on the Deploy Project – an open source platform for managing system and application deployment. This session will show how IT Professionals can use Deploy to manage system deployment including definition, build, testing, installation and updates.  The next session will cover application deployment. The current version of Deploy works with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Specific topics covered in this session include the following:

  • An overview of system and package repositories
  • Creating a basic system definition
  • Adding configuration
  • Running Deploy to create system repositories
  • An overview of testing and deployment
  • Adding testing and deployment scripts
  • An overview of system updates
  • Updating repositories and clients

The session is presented by Kay Williams, architect and development lead for the Deploy Project, and Executive Director of the Deploy Foundation.  She has been involved in leadership and development roles in Linux-based initiatives since 2003. Prior to that she worked for 13 years at Microsoft, where she held Group Program Manager roles in Office, MSN and Windows Server.

Prerequisite knowledge: basic familiarity with system and application deployment, as well as with XML file creation and editing, system configuration using BASH or other scripting languages, and machine virtualization.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 10:00 to 10:50



Team Building Skills for any Project up til Deployment

A necessity in the project management of any group or team. Knowing how and when to delegate in the project is strong part of the leadership skill that necessitates the deployment schedule, but delegation is in a different session. Yet, projects in general take up many avenues and/or paths to the actual deployed end result. Leadership skill is a necessity when working in any type of deployment, no matter what.