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Crash course on Lyx - the GUI based alternative to Latex

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Authors/programmers/writers/researchers sooner or later often end up struggling with word processing softwares to get the desired output and wasting hours of precious time in the process. Well, there is Latex which helps in preparing documents with a beautiful output based on user’s need. But the learning curve is quite difficult; it takes a lot of time to learn and a lot of lines of code to get the desired result. This is where Lyx steps in the picture. It is a GUI based alternative which used Latex in the backend and is very easy to learn. It is open source as well.

Preparing documentation/book/article/resume/presentation is quite easy using Lyx.

In this hands on tutorial, we will be covering the following topics:

1. Introduction to Lyx

2. Need for Lyx

3. Installation of Lyx

4. Writing an article/documentation using Lyx

5. Writing a resume using Lyx

6. Writing a book using Lyx

7. Preparing a presentation using Lyx

8. Writing an IEEE paper using Lyx

9. Math formulas

10. Miscellaneous. 

Please bring a computer to the tutorial session if you plan to do all the hands on exercises. 

Author Bio:

Jayneil Dalal is an Embedded Linux Engineer/Technical Writer who loves to explore different open source technologies and has been a key member of the and project at Texas Instruments. He has previously presented at Embedded Linux Conference 2013, Linuxcon North America 2012, Drodicon 2012 in Berlin, Southeast Linuxfest 2012, Indiana Linuxfest 2012, Northwest Linuxfest 2012, Scipy 2011 and Opensource bridge 2012.


Sohi Patel loves to explore different open source technologies. His primary areas of interest include Python, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Linux, HCI, Pandboard and other open source platforms. He has also preseneted at Drodicon 2012, Berlin. In his spare time he like to make tutorials on different open source hardware and software platforms which can be found on his blog:



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Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 13:30 to 14:50