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Rock Solid WebDev with PC-BSD and FreeNAS

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Rock Solid WebDev hosted on PC-BSD and backed up to FreeNAS

If you've ever lost a day (or more) of work because of a power failure or other acts of god then you'll appreciate how easily it is to save your bacon with PC-BSD and FreeNAS.  The latest update to the Warden jails utility on PC-BSD makes setting up a virtualized and isolated web stack very simple and safe to do.  You can easily setup daily snapshots and remote backups in just a few clicks.  Of course this can all be done from the command line if that is your preference.  Using the Warden jails utlity I was able to clone my environment, rollback to a snapshot, start the clone, then transfer over some changes from the clone to the snapshot.  Had I not cloned the jail I could have migrated the changes from one of the various remote backups I had setup previously.  Most of the time operations like this are not necessary but when you're working with a few other devs sometimes things can break in mysterious ways. Instead of debugging what the problem _may have_ been you can simply restore to a previous date and migrate your most recent changes over from a clone or remote backup.   

The Warden utility makes setting up an AMP stack so simple that getting a CakePHP, Joomla, Wordpress, OwnCloud, or other web environment setup is a peice of well, cake!  I will not only outline how to do this yourself but I will demonstrate how to use these utilities in a live instance.  

There are of course many use cases of FreeNAS and PC-BSD and I would be happy to answer questions and guide new users down the right path.


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Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 14:30 to 15:20