LinuxFest Northwest 2013

Bellingham, WA April 27th & 28th

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using GIS in postgres

This session introduces the audience to hottest trend in big data analysis, GIS! You will learn how to install and work with what is arguably the most powerful GIS database in the world. You will see how easy it is to answer complex questions in a single SQL statement.

Most people think that the trick to mastering GIS is to familiarize oneself with one of those big, powerful and well known GIS front-ends. Well I'm here to tell you a secret, it's that backend that makes the magic. This session introduces you to means of performing wonderous acts. All it takes is basic SQL, and a healthy dose of geographical concepts; actually, it's not that hard. This session will focus on the basics of installing the postGIS extension to PostgreSQL with an introduction to the geographical way of doing things.


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Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 10:00 to 10:50