LinuxFest Northwest 2013

Bellingham, WA April 27th & 28th

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Host for LinuxFest Northwest since the beginning, Bellingham Technical College is known for its strengths in industrial manufacturing, technology, and nursing programs. Their generosity has allowed LinuxFest to provide free admission every year.


Our event will be held in the Campus Center Building, the Haskell Building, and the G building, in the middle of campus. The nearest street (in front of Haskell building) is 3000 Lindbergh Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225.
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Conference rooms

BTC has a variety of classrooms and lecture halls for our sessions. Most rooms have a smart podium, with an in-podium PC, laptop connection with VGA+audio hookup, DVD player, speakers, and controls for the projector screen, room lights and room sound level (exact controls vary by room).

Please refrain from bringing food or drink inside any classroom or lecture hall (closed water bottles allowed). No smoking in any building, within 25 feet of any building entrance, or where prohibited by sign.

WiFi Network

We are pleased to have Bellingham Technical College's Computer Technology classes sponsor, setup, and support the WIFI for LinuxFest Northwest. There is no registration, just look for the BTC access point symbol on your computer. Although there is no 'portal page', Please follow common sense and these rules:

  • no unauthorized access (e.g., sniffing, hacking, port scanning)
  • no peer-to-peer applications
  • no insecure equipment may be connected (e.g., unpatched systems)
  • no downloading/sharing unauthorized copyrighted materials
  • no excessive use of bandwidth (particularly off-campus)
  • no interfering with normal network operations
  • Note: this is not an exhaustive list; please be courteous
WiFi is available in all rooms and much of the outdoor area (outdoor signal strength may vary).
  1. Make sure your wireless card is active and connect to BTC Open Access.
  2. Open your Web browser and try to connect to any Web page.

Sign language interpreters

A generous local Linux user has volunteered to coordinate sign language interpreters. Please visit the interpreter page for more information. Open source, community and cooperation--that's what LFNW is about.