LinuxFest Northwest 2013

Bellingham, WA April 27th & 28th

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Developing a Community

Microsoft, Linux and the Open Source Community

Want to know what Microsoft has been doing with Linux and open source?  Microsoft has been working with the open source community to build open and interoperable technology solutions across the Microsoft platform stack including PC, cloud, and phone.  Today, thousands of open standards are supported by Microsoft and many open source environments including Linux, Hadoop, MongoDB, Drupal, Joomla and others, run on our platform.

Open Source Project Management: Ship your stuff, while building a better community


Do you <3 logistics? Are you a self-described "cat herder"? Have you ever wondered how to encourage more contribution, boost non-code contributions, or strike a balance between paid and volunteer contributions in your favorite open source project? Join this session to learn about the universe of open source project management.

Saving an Open Source Project: Lessons Learned from Xen

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The Xen Project has been producing open source virtualization technologies for the past 10 years. It currently enables some of the largest clouds in the industry. However, decisions made on both the community and business fronts a few years back nearly caused the Xen Project to collapse on itself. Through a series of corrective actions, Xen is once again moving forward with major advances and a growing community. We will discuss some of the lessons learned from this experience, including lessons from both community and business vantage points.

Red Hat and the Open Source Community

Red Hat is the top commercial contributor to the Linux kernel, and one of the top contributors to glibc and the compiler toolchain, the GNOME project,, and many other Open Source projects.

In this presentation, Red Hat's Thomas Cameron will discuss how Red Hat interacts with the Open Source community, from LUGs to JUGs to many of the projects Red Hat contributes to and sponsors.


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Hey openSUSE users!  Lets get together for a group hug!  You'd be suprised how many openSUSE users are here at LFNW.  Lets share some stories, solve some problems, and best of all, make some new connections.

Ten years of FOSS hosting at the OSU Open Source Lab

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For the past ten years the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) has provided hosting for 150 open source projects from around the world. Some of the projects we provide hosting include the Linux Foundation, Drupal, Python Software Foundation, Apache Software Foundation and Freenode. This session will cover a historical background of the past ten years, an overview of the types of projects we host, what types of hosting we provide, what tools we use and how we provide the hosting.

HamWAN - A Free Multi-Megabit Communications Network

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You've got a free operating system, but how about a free* communications network?  Present network providers are all for-profit commercial ventures.  HamWAN is a non-profit organization deploying a modern multi-megabit wide area coverage microwave network throughout the Puget Sound region which is free to access.  The only requirement is that you pass an Amateur Radio exam, since we’re using the free spectrum, high power levels and internet addresses made available to licensed amateurs only.

Delegate, Like a Boss!

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Many projects would like to have more people doing more stuff, but delegating seems time-consuming. Meanwhile, new contributor enthusiasm is one of the most valuable commodities in the free software world. Strategic delegation can help grow a project while conserving contributor energy. Great delegators know how to attract enthusiastic new people and maintain their momentum once they've arrived.

Four Freedoms for Freedom

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The most obvious people affected by all four of the freedoms that define free software are the programmers. They are the ones who will likely want to -- and are able to -- modify software running on their computers. But free software is a movement to advance and defend freedom for anyone and everyone using any computing device, not just programmers. In many countries now, given the ubiquity of tablets, phones, laptops and desktops, "anyone and everyone using any computing device" means nearly all citizens.

Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server (Vanilla and Bukkit)

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This presentation will cover the basics of what you need to know to host a small, local Minecraft server on an Ubuntu Server box as well as what my experiences have been with doing so over the past two years. I will cover the prerequisites for hardware and software, setting up & configuring the server, some of the scripts I use to help with administration, lessons learned, and various other tid-bits.


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